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Learn by doing more

Practise business critical training in realistic 3D and VR environments,
failing safely until you get it right

Learn By Doing More

Practise business critical training in realistic VR and 3D environments, failing safely until you get it right.

3D buildings

We are leaders in simulating and gamifying the physical world, transforming the way you learn and communicate through live 3D learning experiences in the browser and mind-blowing VR.

The Global Classroom

Training In Many Dimensions

Immerse enables trainers and learners to access a live 3D session in the browser or VR from anywhere in the world.

Each session uses a range of modes and dynamics to keep learners engaged and performing, with consistent live voice and automated reporting throughout.

We believe face-to-face is key to a live training experience, allowing trainers to build trust and relationships. With Immerese you can instantly switch between 3D / VR gamified learning and webcam, creating highly interactive sessions.

Married to immersive 3D experiences, your existing content can deliver more impact and depth. Our trainer library allows you to upload and save your videos, presentations and images in 2D or 3D.

Interactivity comes in many forms. Our collaborative board allows trainers to upload materials and activities for annotation and discussion. This can be used by the whole class, breakout groups or individuals.

3d/vr worlds
Context amplifies learning retention. Our contextual 3D worlds power rich scenarios, role play and gamified learning that is difficult or impossible to achieve in the real world. They can be accessed in the browser and are VR-ready, utilising the HTC Vive.

3d/vr objects
Complex objects and processes can be difficult to render in 2D. Our object viewer allows you to explore all angles, zoom, pull apart and animate wherever appropriate. VR technology allows you to touch and handle 3D objects – immersive technology makes learning by doing possible.

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3D/VR Worlds

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3D/VR Objects

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Presentations & Videos

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Collaborative Board

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Ronan Cornelis, Air France
We looked but could not find an equivalent LIVE learning experience which delivered a blend of 3D content and highly knowledgeable tutors achieving 100% pass rates.

Our Clients

live 3d aviation training Airfrance
Air France

Making the skies safer through better English communication - read more- read less

The aim of the English training programme was to make the skies safer. Air France benefited from simplified logistics and fast adoption. Since 2014, pilots have completed over 1,800 hours of training and can fit the training in with their flight schedules by accessing the course from 30 countries worldwide. Read the LPI award winning case study

3d oil and gas lifeboat training for Ensco

Making the world a safer place with mission critical lifeboat training - read more- read less

To create standardised, repeatable and trackable lifeboat training in a 3D virtual environment for all oil platform staff.
Our solution captured live results from assessments and reporting tools to ensure high risk training was completed and compliant with maritime safety regulations. Data analysis on dashboards indicated the quality of learning.

3d language learning for British Council
British Council

Creating edge for global leaders in English as a Foreign Language courses - read more- read less

To create a cost-effective, scalable and engaging blended language course for young professionals in Saudi Arabia.
Immersive virtual environments such as hotels, hospitals, airports, restaurants and conference rooms were created for groups of 10-12. A second phase pilot for corporate clients has proven very successful and is now rolling out globally.

About Immerse

Immerse Learning is a high growth tech venture headquartered in London, United Kingdom. We believe that, through innovation and entrepreneurship, we can have a meaningful impact on the future learning of global workforces.

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